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OMG Cannabis co

By partnering with like-minded, local and family-owned businesses we are able to bring you the best quality recreational cannabis that Maine has to offer. Come visit our sustainably built Portland shop to learn how we minimized our carbon footprint while building one of the most beautiful stores in the historical Old Port. Join our OMG VIP loyalty program to earn 5% OMG cash back, enjoy exclusive deals and events, and support our organically Maine grown and sustainably packaged products.

About Us

Our Roots

Beginning in a basement in Portland, Maine, and now on India Street near the Portland Old Port, OMG has prioritized sustainability and quality cannabis since its conception. It began with a simple mission: to provide our community with comfortable and easy access to the highest quality cannabis Maine has to
offer. Today that mission lives on as we continue to share our passion for cannabis and sustainability.

Merchant logo OMG Organically Maine Grown Cannabis Co.

Staying Sustainable

OMG Cannabis Co. retail was established with the goal of creating an unmatched cannabis shopping experience while minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. Mainers are incredible about supporting environmentally friendly businesses, and we are so proud to be one of them. From our craft living soil cultivation facility, to the sustainable building materials used for our flooring and display cases, OMG Cannabis Co. tries to do our part in conservation and sustainability for Maine and the cannabis industry as a whole.

What Sets Us Apart

At OMG we welcome any and all smokers, nonsmokers, enthusiasts and novices. OMG Cannabis Co. is proud to cater to all types of THC and CBD users over the age of 21. From the traditional dab smoker to the CBD Essential Oil dropper, our staff will be happy to direct you to the section of our store that fits your needs. For our customers who prefer solo browsing, our locally-sourced display tables are designed with product information incorporated. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in all things THC and CBD; from the technical, “How many milligrams of CBD in a drop of tincture?” questions; to questions such as “What wash is this rosin?” No matter your age, experience or shopping style, OMG Cannabis Co. has you covered.

Community Matters

We are a community hub where enthusiasts come together to share knowledge, experiences and passion for the plant and earth. Join us in creating a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates everything that cannabis has to offer.

Our Commitment

From seed to sale, we hold ourselves and products to the highest standards. With sustainability in mind, we strive to provide the best quality products and experiences. Join us in spreading the love of the plant and the love of our earth.

Not just a dispensary

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